Why This Blog?

Ah yes, here we are. The obligatory “About” page. Well, instead of making this all about me, why don't we turn the tables and make this about you instead?

Huh, huh? How do you like them apples, Mr. (or Ms.) Smarty Pants?

But seriously, though. Why this blog? There are so many other blogs, and so many other sites you could be spending your time on, so why this one? Well, to be honest, because you might learn something.

See, this blog isn't professional, but it is personal. It's me sharing myself with you. And in doing so, it's my life's lessons, observations, and opinions, all of which might broaden your horizons, or even validate what you already knew.

But, this blog may also serve as an outlet for me to rant as well. I've got feelings, and I've got thoughts, not all of which are exactly politically correct, or even culturally sensitive. Oh well. If you can't handle that, you may want to read somewhere else. But, if you can stand to watch an old man speak his mind once in a while, and aren't offended easily, then you're my kind of reader.

It doesn't mean we have to always agree. In fact, I don't mind a different point of view, and I'd hope you wouldn't, either.

Over at my Ko-Fi page, my bio says that I can't find anybody who wants to chronicle my wisdom, so I guess I'll just have to do it myself. Plus, I've got life experience I'd like to pass along to my kids, but they don't want it, so I'm hoping maybe you do.

And, there's some truth to that. Probably more truth than I'd care to admit, but here we are. So, if you'd like to benefit from some lessons learned from a middle-aged guy who's not a Boomer, but is Generation X, I'd like to share some things with you.

Because I'm always right? Hardly. Instead, because perhaps I'm mostly wrong, and you can learn from that. Sure, I am right quite a bit, but it's from when I'm wrong that I learn the most, and maybe you can, too.

So, with that, I'm glad you're here, as my legacy can be much farther reaching than my own children and family, it can include you as well. And as someone who does think about his own mortality every now and then, that sure helps motivate me to want to do right by you.

Thank you for reading.