Buy Me A Coffee

I set up a virtual tip jar if you'd like to toss a coin to your witcher. I'm not really that much into the show or comic, I just thought it sounded cool.

In any case, if you're receiving value from my writings, and would like to support my work, it would mean a lot to me. Even though I've tried to set up a blog with as little cost as possible, there are still costs (and coffee) involved, so a tip or even a subscription (coming soon!) would go a long way.

I set up my tip jar at Ko-Fi, which is a very reputable service for this sort of thing. So you can be rest assured your money will get to me directly, and your information would be safe as well.

Only if you find value, and if it isn't your last few dollars, because I realize that these days, we all need to be careful what we spend our money on. So, if you are able to safely buy me a coffee or support the blog, you'd have my undying gratitude. Thank you and I appreciate your readership!