Why Is This Blog Anonymous?

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In case you hadn't noticed, I'm publishing to this blog, and to my Ko-Fi page anonymously. And, you may want to know why.

When it comes to my online presence, in any of it's forms, I prefer to be anonymous. And mostly, it's because I tend to be a pretty opinionated person. I like to speak my mind. As such, I feel that when I post anonymously, my thought or idea or message is what gets the attention, and not necessarily the person behind it.

And, quite frankly, that's not the only reason. I prefer to post anonymously because I may say things about others or even my employer that I won't want to be tied to myself. Not because I always want to disparage, but because in this day and age, it's easy to be canceled for not going along with the groupthink or by being misunderstood entirely.

I've always been somewhat of a contrarian, but these days, the price for being one is very, very high. So, I want to be able to speak freely and share without fear of retribution. As well, some of the things I may write about might cast someone or an organization in a critical or even negative light and I don't want to ruin a relationship simply because I have an opinion that might be less than positive.

Does that mean I hate the people I'm discussing or talking about? No, not at all, and really in most cases, I may think the world of somebody, but not agree with their opinion on some topic or action they may have made.

And, if I'm ever discussing a person or company, I won't name names. Because, when posting anonymously, the anonymity should go both ways. That's to protect the innocent, and since I'm not a journalist, I'm not out to direct rage or anger at anyone or anything.

I'm simply sharing my thoughts, attitudes, and opinions for the sake of sharing and not for the sake of demanding change. I hope that helps answer the question of why I won't show my picture or share any details about myself outside of the most basic and general.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

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