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This post was originally posted on my previous blog site called Jay's Journal on March 31st, 2018.

Don't You See It?

When I look around, I see an unending amount of examples of people just simply getting in their own way. I’m sure I do this as well, but it’s easier to look outward rather than inward sometimes.

Mainly because I strive to be efficient and save time, without sacrificing quality, every chance I get.

For me, time is more valuable than money. For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked at time in this way. I value it, I hate to waste it, and I resent others who just piss it away freely and without a second thought.

Time is the probably the ONE thing you can’t get back, make more of, stop, or even slow down. And, so, for me, time is a precious unit that I can’t bear to waste.

But, aside from a few exceptions, most people just don’t care how much time they waste. It gets rather frustrating.

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in a sea of people who all do things in the worst way possible, wasting so much time without giving it a thought, and I’m the one guy who really tries to get it done faster, easier, and with much less stress.

Today is a great example. A week ago, I sent an email to someone detailing exactly what I was needing from them and why. My thought was that if I explain this ONCE, I won’t have to answer questions piece-meal, one email question followed by one email answer at a time.

The alternative would be to drag out a simple 5 minute request to instead be spread across several days, with multiple emails for the one simple request (borrow 2 company laptops for testing software).

In other words, I was trying to be efficient by getting it all done in one shot. I know, silly me, what was I thinking?

My email goes a week unanswered. Sigh. So now, I have to send another email to follow up to the one I already sent, basically re-requesting what I already spent time requesting the first time.

The good news is, the second email worked. The question for me is: Why did it take TWO emails to get ONE response?

Ok, so, in this person’s reply, he adds another person to the CC, and says that he’s directing my request to her and that I can work with her to get what I’m requesting.

Great... another person to have to work through to possibly NOT get what could be given in 5 minutes.

And, so I send the obligatory reply, thanking Mr. One Week for his reply, and then have to acknowledge the new person on the email, offering to work with her and help her in any way necessary to complete my request. (It’s TWO laptops to test some software on, that’s it!)

Which in turn begins another loud-sigh moment. She replied, and adds YET ANOTHER person onto the email, saying that I’ll need to set up some time to discuss my “needs” with her and this new person.

All when the original request is typed out TWICE in the email thread below her message.

So, now I have to set up a meeting to request two laptops that were already requested twice before, so they can understand what I’m asking with at best a 50% chance that they can actually fulfill my request, or instead, and more likely, send me over to someone else.

And I know what you’re thinking, because it’s exactly what I’m thinking. Just write back and reference the other emails below and save the time in the meeting.

And you’re thinking that, and I’m thinking that, because it would be efficient, and the fastest, even easiest way to get things done.

HOWEVER, we’re dealing with people who just couldn’t care about doing anything the easy way. And so, my daily uphill battle in Corporate America continues, just as it always has, and always will... with no improvement in sight.


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Get in mah belly! Image credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya at Pexels

Went to the doctor earlier this week, got on the scale, and I'm 20 pounds lighter than my last visit. SWEET!

No, I'm not sick, but I am eating differently. My doctor totally high-fived me, too.

And, as a chronic over eater, to be able to still lose weight is pretty cool. What's my secret? I'll share that with you now.

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: Always check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet, or your health overall

Currently, I eat a large dinner, and even have dessert if I want. Most times I'm so full from dinner, though, that I'm not hungry for dessert. I also have soda with my dinner, and pretty much eat and drink what I want all the way until I go to bed.

Like I said, I'm typically an over eater, but I can discipline myself to not eat when I wake up in the morning all the way until dinner. Now, I do have dinner pretty early, like between 3:30 and 4:30pm, depending on my schedule. Sometimes, even later than that if the day calls for it.

In the morning, I do have coffee with sugar-free creamer, and Equal zero calorie sweetener. And, I do drink water all day long.

However, I only eat from dinner time until I go to bed, which is typically a 5 to 6 hour window. Well, that's to say, I allow myself to eat, if I want, until I go to bed. As I mentioned before, most times I'm so full from dinner, that I don't want any more food, or soda, well before bedtime.

It works for me because I know I don't have much self-control once I start eating. And sure, I still need to address the root cause of my over eating. But, for now, by intermittent fasting, I'm reaping all the benefits of autophagy, and not eating so many calories in a day that I gain weight.

That helps my blood pressure, improves my immune system, and a host of other benefits. It's like I'm gaming the system for my best benefit while still being able to have the foods and drinks I enjoy. I guess you can call it “manipulated moderation”.

And, when you're fasting, you don't really need to count calories, because the nature of fasting means you're highly unlikely to overeat.

It didn't start that way, though. I did some trial and error on different fasting protocols for over three years until I settled on this one for the past year.

The different fasting methods I tried are for another post on another day, though. For now, I'm just thrilled that my year-long intermittent fasting protocol that I settled on is actually working. It didn't seem like it was, but, even though I wasn't seeing instant results, I changed my reason for fasting from losing weight to just feeling better.

And, wouldn't you know it, by changing focus from weight loss to just feeling better, the weight came off anyway.

More on the specifics of my fasting journey later. For now, I'm just enjoying this small victory and continuing to stay the course.

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